Photographers I love to work with. Their work is all over this site! Idil Sukan, Arthur Fink, Roy Gumpel, Eric Anthony JohnsonJerry Boehm, Tom Luciano

Videography for Gibbous by Dylan McNamara

Places I currently teach dance in Woodstock and Tivoli, NY.

Studios where I offer Pilates mat classes and individual sessions.

I have worked with some wonderful dancers and musicians from all over. Some of them are: Alison Robinson, Bob Lukomski, Thomas Lail, Hajji Majer, Estelle Woodward, Anne Mulvaney Bloom, Cynthia McLaughlin, Heather Hutton, JillAnn Schwartz, Melinda Buckwalter, Helene Listerlin, Marcy Schlissl, Elizabeth Ward, Corey Carver Katano, Jane Rigler, Michelle Nagai, Shoko Nagai, Mat Heggem, Katelyn Chakey, Alex Cohen, Tatyana Tennenbaum, Christine Bornarth, Sharon Penz, Ashley A. Friend, Kevin Salem. Many, many thanks for sharing your work with me.