Make a Contribution to our 2017 Season

We are very grateful to the following individuals for their support: Julie Greenwood, Linda Reeves, Ken McKim, Jude Dinan, Perry Beekman, Amanda Graham and Sankai Lemens, Steve and Achong Miron, Adam Tobin, Amy Brown, Gilad Shoham, Gwen Coe, Anna Shifton, Andrew Pekarik, Terri Galvin, Milton Kriger, Peg Aloi, Laura Wright and two fabulous anonymous donors!

clyde forth  in  Gibbous  2015,  photographed by  Tom Luciano.

clyde forth in Gibbous 2015, photographed by Tom Luciano.

Lokasparśa Dance Projects

clyde forth, Artistic Director

This connection we share as humans is a challenge. Authentic experiences can appear  too few and too difficult, and violence seems to breed like bacteria. Yet we do these things: dance, paint, draw, bang together new objects out of old objects, create (or simply find) beauty amidst inner and outer chaos. Some do this to answer a personal calling, or because this world is hurt and to do so helps. Because Earth needs a witness. Many witnesses.

You are invited to witness with us, to give your voice, by supporting our newest work. Our mission to dismantle barriers and create intimacy through performance and movement education has manifested some beautiful experiences since we formed in 2014. We have solid plans for much more with Bone Chorus: three theater performances, a site-specific workshop in New Hampshire, open rehearsals and classes. Please support Lokasparsa Dance Projects today and help us embody this vision.

Creating understanding from our collective body is how Lokasparśa Dance Projects bears witness. We’ve been in the studio exploring what it means to see through ourselves, to experience a nakedness of body and spirit. We also grapple (literally and figuratively) with loss, with fear and abandonment, with the hopes of the single and the paired and the massed. Distilled into the naked bones of each individual is the resonance of both loss and joy, a song. We give voice in pairs and in groups - a Bone Chorus.  

Your generous contribution of...

  • $25 rents an hour of studio time
  • $50 buys costume materials for one dancer
  • $75 allows us to pay a dancer for one rehearsal
  • $100 covers travel for one dancer to our show in Philadelphia
  • $200 pays a dancer’s stipend for one performance
  • $300 gets us an hour of performance venue rental in New York  City
  • $1000 supports ongoing organizational expenses and a stipend for the artistic director
  • $1000 + defines you as a major benefactor and substantially increases our effectiveness as a creative force.

Please join the mailing list, drop by an open rehearsal, and definitely attend a performance! Connection and authenticity are worth taking up the challenge with us.

Thank you for your support,

clyde, Jennifer, Andy, Charla, Brandon, Sharon and Caitlin