The Southern Thing, 2019. Stills from performances at Arts Society of Kingston as part of ASK Presents.

Bone Chorus, 2017, created in residence at Mountain View Studios in Woodstock, NY. Performed at Bridge for Dance (NYC) and The Kleinert/James Center for the Arts (Woodstock, NY).


Gibbous, 2015, performed at Choreography on the Edge at the Byrdcliffe Theater, Woodstock, NY and at Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt. Tremper, NY


Fading Blossom Blues, 2013, Cultivate Dance Festival at the Colonial Theater, Bethlehem NH. Choreographed and performed by clyde forth. 

The Habit Diary, 2012, performed in excerpt at Booking Dance Festival 2011 Edinburgh, Scotland; and Movement Research Open Performance, Brooklyn, NY. Performed in full in Byrdcliffe Festival of the Arts, Woodstock, NY. Choreographed by clyde forth; performed by Christine Bornarth, Sharon Penz, Ashley A. Friend, and clyde forth. Photos: Roy Gumpel


Score for Thinking About Error and Progress IV, 2012, performed at Byrdcliffe Festival of the Arts, Woodstock NY. Choreographed by clyde forth; performed by Linda F. Reeves and clyde forth. Text by Linda F. Reeves. Photos: video stills by John Holland.