They Died Dancing (for Orlando)


I want to believe they just died dancing

loving their bodies, expressing joy and pride

and the freedom of being

just being

I do not want to think them running for the door

I do not want to think them clutching in fear

I do not want to hear the cries

But I do hear them! I hear them crying and dancing

I hear us all crying and dancing

I read of human shields and love after death

of aftermath - after math, after the counting

of the names the fallen dancers

fallen lovers

Lovers, unite and get up to dance with them!

every club night, each rehearsal or

spontaneous moment of embodied madness and glory

I live dancing for everyone who cannot dance

because they do not live

because they have too much hate

because they have been shamed

because they think it doesn't matter.

It matters to us all whether we know or no,t whether we dance or not.

-clyde forth