In rehearsal for our new piece, we have been working (playing) with loss. What does it feel like to lose one's sight...or to lose sight of something, or someone? To lose one's temper or voice? One's dignity? To lose connection?

The work is two-fold. First, we delve. Like diving, only more like drowning. Down, down into that place of loss. It's treacherous. How far will I go? How deep can I tolerate? How honest will I let myself be with myself and with you?  

Then we move. We struggle with translation:  from loss to movement. How do we share where we have been? How do we talk to you about this ache, desperation, bitterness, shock, longing, disbelief...

We resurface to tell the story of the dive. It is the reason we went down in the first place. We dove to find something to talk to you about. That is our lifeline.

Hard work for a Monday morning.

Dancer, Lokasparsa