What Am I Dancing For?

Some days it's hard to find a reason to go out and do whatever we do, especially if it is something that seems...extra, unnecessary. For me dancing feels essential, but compared to food, shelter, freedom and love I would have to admit it's a bit optional.

Today I just went and did it because I can. Because I like to feel the air move against my skin as I move through space. And I love to see the women (and the occasional man) in my classes move. They inspire me.

One of the themes of today's class at Byrdcliffe was initiation. As in "where are you starting from?". Can you start from your armpit, your navel, your second toe? If you did start from there, where do you go?

In other parts of my life this question feels like panic sometimes. There is so much possible -- where do I begin!? In the studio I can begin anywhere, but in my life I have to begin where I am. Which can suck. As in "I don't want to be here, let alone start something new from here". What where else is there?

So tomorrow is another question, another place to start. Maybe it's best not to look for a reason but just to trust that I can begin here. In the middle of it all.