Artistic Director, clyde forth.

Artistic Director, clyde forth.

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Painted Improvisations

Paintings are a residue of movement and mind.


Fun in NYC

“Serious” rehearsal photo by Brandon Perdomo

Improvising with the new Movement Collective at Art Society Kingston

Improvising with the new Movement Collective at Art Society Kingston


The word Lokasparśa is built from two Sanskrit words; loka meaning worlds or realms, and sparśa meaning intimacy or connection. I want to create dance and objects that increase intimacy with the world.

The mission of Lokasparśa Projects is to dismantle barriers through dance performance, somatic education, and the creation of deeply embodied art in as many forms as I can. The goal is for each performer, student, and viewer to know themselves more fully through authentic experiences with dance, art, and beautifully made everyday objects.

A dance, a painting, a garment can all be created in this connective state of mind. Many of these creations are solitary journeys until they are complete, but so much of what I have made could not have happened without strong collaborators.

These artists have contributed their time and talent to productions since 2003:

  • Jennifer Lavenhar (Dancer)

  • Sharon Penz (Dancer, Production Manager)

  • Charla Ruby Malamed (Dancer)

  • Caitlin Quinn (Dancer)

  • Andy Kriger (Dancer)

  • Brandon Perdomo (Dancer)

  • Christine Bornarth (Dancer)

  • Laura Velez (Dancer)

  • Rachel Winograd (Dancer)

  • Alison Robinson (Dancer)

  • Bob Lukomski (Composer/Musician)

  • Kevin Salem (Composer/Musician)

  • Michelle Nagai (Composer/Musician)

  • Hélenè Lesterlin (Dancer)

  • JillAnn Schwartz (Dancer)

  • Elizabeth Ward (Dancer)

  • Estelle Woodward (Dancer)

  • Lisa Abbatomarco (Dancer)

  • Cynthia McLaughlin (Dancer)

  • Heather Hutton (Dancer/Lighting Designer)

  • Zack Jacobs (Lighting Designer)

  • Thomas Dunn (Lighting Designer)

  • MAU Conceptual Clothing (Costume Design)


My previous performance company, Clyde Forth Visual Theatre, was active for 10 full seasons; from 2003 to 2013. We were presented in NYC, Woodstock NY, Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Troy, NY, Bethlehem, NH and Edinburgh, Scotland over the years. The final season of new work was completed at Byrdcliffe Theater and The Colonial Theater in 2013 with the evening length solo program, The Curious Mechanics of Truth.

After that performance, I entered a year of residential Zen training at Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, NY and then a second year that just ended on September 25, 2016. That experience and my continued practice there since 2007 deeply informed the founding of Lokasparśa Projects, and continues to be the underpinning of my work.


  • Commission, Latitude 53 Art Space, Edmonton Alberta

  • Dance Omi International Choreographers' Residency, Ghent NY

  • Artward Bound Residency, The Field, NYC


clyde forth earned a Master of Fine Arts from Bennington College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University. Before relocating from NYC, she was on faculty at Eugene Lang College developing and teaching interdisciplinary arts courses from 1999 to 2005. She taught in the Theater and Visual Arts departments at SUNY Ulster in the Hudson Valley of New York from 2006 to 2013, at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center 2015 to 2016, and currently teaches independently.